Let’s Place Our Trust Into God Alone

First, we’re made by God in order for us to depend on Him as our source of life. Nevertheless, we’re living in such a wicked and vile world in which sin is running wild in every aspect of society. This results man to become more prone to be ensnared in the trap of the devil by imprinting that false belief in their minds that they can live without having God in their lives. That’s nothing more than a lie from the pit of hell.

Sadly, many individuals have purposely chosen to live their lives just as Satan wants them to do so. The truth is that people can be so deceived to the point they don’t feel like having Christ in their lives is an absolute necessity; nonetheless, they’ll will eventually get into a highly desperate situation where they’ll surely realize that not having Him in their lives is the worst mistake that they could have ever made. On the other hand, living for Jesus is a choice that’s perfectly worth it in this life and the one which is to come.

To put that within context, just as an electrical component needs to be plugged to a power supply for enabling it to carry out its tasks, so are we. We’re made in such a way that allows us to have a relationship with our maker, unlike other creations. God is known as the source of our whole being; therefore, the only way that the life we have can be sustained and maintained properly is through an intimate relationship with Him. Unfortunately, people’s conception of life from a humanistic perspective is very shallow. However, from a biblical perspective, life goes way beyond our human comprehension.

Bear in mind, we have two important aspects that consist our being: a physical aspect; and most importantly, the spiritual one. The physical aspect relates to our physical body, whereas the spiritual one relates to our spirit and soul. The bottom line is that just as our physical body needs a constant reliance on things like food, water, and air for survival. The same also applies to our soul, which needs a constant reliance on God.

In the event that we are sick, or it could also be something that keeps us from functioning properly, our tendency is to ensure that we do everything that’s possible in order to confront such problem as quickly before it gets worse. However, the spiritual aspect is really something that many people have ignored because of the deception that Satan has thrown into their lives. In many cases, people are too preoccupied with their daily needs that pertain to the physical aspect of their being; they completely ignore the other aspect.

The truth is that the spiritual aspect of anyone’s life is much more important than the physical one. The physical aspect is just temporary while the spiritual aspect is eternal. That’s the reason that it would be absurd to allow worldly things that have no eternal significance to cause us to lose our priority with respect to where we’re going to spend our eternity.

The good news is that Christ has presented Himself as life and as the One who can give us access to the spring of living water according to (John 14:6, John 4:13-14). Everything has already been prepared for us; therefore, let us come and connect ourselves to God through Christ. We can establish that life-changing dependence through the means of having faith in God on the ground of the finished work of His son Jesus Christ.

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